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Aura Internet is constantly researching and experimenting with the latest internet technologies to give the best service to our customers. AR is a technology that overlays computer imagery over real-world imagery as seen by mobile phone or tablet cameras in real time. This exciting technology is changing ecommerce by allowing customers to see products in 3d in their homes. Big brands such as IKEA are leading the way, with their AR App allows customers to view their furniture range in their home before they buy. Inspired by companies like IKEA we are exploring ways to provide the benefits of AR to our clients.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gives the user the ability to “look around” an artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items. This usually requires a head mounted display and sometimes a hand held controller. It is very immersive in nature in that the user can feel like they are in the environment. The benefit for business is that VR can be used for training staff in situations that might be hazardous in real life. It can save on travel as training in VR can be carried out anywhere. It is widely used in medical, automotive and aeronautical training and because of the emergence of low cost head sets and new technology it is becoming an option for wider Industry training and Marketing.
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