Setting Up Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a very useful tool to track how visitors found your website and their behaviour once on your website.  Universal Analytics/GA3 is currently being phased out by Google and is being replaced by Google Analytics 4/GA4. If you have not already setup your GA4 account you should really consider doing it now and start building up historical information.


How to Setup G4A

If you already have a Google Analytics account you can log into and create a Google Analytics 4 from this account. If you do not have an existing Google Analytics account you will need to setup one up go to 


Log in to your existing Google Analytics account go to Admin – bottom left – cog wheel to get started.


Step 1 – Click on G4 Setup Assistant

Google Analytics 4 Change 2022


Step 2 – Click get started and a popup assistance will appear

Google Analytics 4 Change 2022

If your site uses the gtag.js, tag, you have the option to Enable data collection using your existing tags. – Google Analytics created since 2017 is likely to have it but you will need to check


Step 3 – Click on Create Property at which point your property will be created and you will see a screen similar to below:

Google Analytics


Step 4 – Click on Data Streams
Google Analytics 4 Change 2022


Step 5 – A pop up screen will then appear and you can see the code for Google Analytics 4, you can add this code to your website and start tracking.
Google Analytics 4 Change 2022


Step 6 – Test if it is working. Go to Reports you can check in real time if your Google Analytics 4 Account is now working.


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