Our Services

We now live in the “Google era” when most buying and trading decisions are preceded by an online search on the vendor. Companies have to ensure that their websites live up to ever higher customer expectations and can be easily found on search engines.
Aura Internet can advise on the different aspects of an ecommerce website from content management, frontend design and payment gateways, to merchant costs, product content, international and domestic selling and shipping options, and online marketing and search engine optimisation.
Website maintenance is critical, yet it’s often not a priority in companies. We offer a range of website management and maintenance options for companies, large and small, ensuring that your website is secure and that content is kept up-to-date.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the next step in Internet Technology. We are researching this area for companies who want to explore new methods of training and advertising. VR Training is ideal for technicians who need training for hazardous jobs. The immersive nature of VR means a person can be brought to any location.
We offer a range of training courses and one-on-one mentoring sessions aimed at assisting companies who might just be planning their e-commerce journey to help them develop their systems. We also work with those companies that already have an e-commerce website but are looking for new ways to maximise its potential.
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