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It seems like it was only a while ago, 2019 to be precise, we were wondering how we could move training online. We wanted to reduce the need for travel which we envisioned would be good for time management and the environment. And given that all our training is based around the internet and technology, online seemed the most logical way of delivering it.

Then bang, the pandemic hit and everyone was online! We started offering free “How to use Zoom” courses in March 2020 to get customers meeting online and using Zoom as quickly and easily as possible. Since then we’ve learned several things, ran in to a few issues, tested a number of cameras and tried other online training technologies. Hopefully we can share our experience with you.

Tips for Using Zoom for Training

We use Zoom for group, one to one training and meetings. These are some of our tips for using Zoom in training:

· For group training we generally require everyone to register in advance. The registration form can be changed and amended to add in additional details like company name, county etc. This is useful as you have some indication of who is going to attend, where they are from etc.

· We use Polls in training for feed back or to answer questions and get opinions – you can create a template with these polls and then base your future meetings on the template so you don’t have to keep recreating them.

· Always do a sound check – but just as we write our electricity has gone down in the office for a second – so always have a backup connection in place. If your power goes down and if you don’t have a UPS in place it is likely your internet will be gone and you suddenly disappear out of the training. Back up your connection by having a tethered mobile device connection in place. You’d be very unfortunate for your mobile connection to go down too!!

· Back to the sound check, do a mic and speakers check before you begin. I swap between headphones, a single mic and laptop speakers for meetings and training. On occasion I have watched people speaking away, telling them I can’t hear them only to realise I have still my speakers set to my headphones – morto 🙂

· Mute everyone – if you are training it is great to have interaction and feedback but set the meeting to automatically mute. Participants can always unmute themselves. There is nothing worse than overhearing a phone conversation or the scratching sounds of someone moving around getting into position for training.

· Outline the relevant features of Zoom to users, not everyone has used it – particularly the chat, hand raising feature and the turn off/on video. Some users still connect with very poor broadband, turning off their video will help ease the pressure on their broadband and make the connection more stable.

· You can record training on Zoom and make it available for download. Just ensure that everyone in a meeting or a training session is aware that its being recorded to avoid any GDPR issues in the future. This is not as big an issue with Webinars where participants are not visible.

· Try and ensure you use good light, don’t site in front of a bright window as you’ll be a silhouette, invest in a small led light for front lighting or have the light from a window coming from in front of you.

Price of Zoom

There are different level of Zoom accounts – free for use for up to 40 minutes and then the suite of paid accounts with different facilities kicking off with 100 participants per meeting/training session.

Tools for Zoom

My single best purchase for Zoom training was a single mic the Shure Motiv MVL Lavalier Microphone – costs around €60 it clip to your clothes, its subtle, clear and stopped me from speaking unnecessarily loudly at the laptop.
We did invest in other items including an external Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam €120, which we found was not as forgiving in displaying us without the Zoom setting that allowed us to enhance our appearance!

This week – we are testing the Logitech Meetup for meeting rooms €600 plus and so far so good!!

If you have any questions on Zoom or would like a demonstration of some of the features contact

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