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How To Increase Online Sales via Social Media

Christmas is coming up fast so here’s some tips to help you increase your online sales by using the social media platforms of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter effectively.

3 Things Customers Want To Know

  1. Your last ‘posting date before Christmas’ for their location. Customers want confirmation their purchases will arrive on time so state your last posting date for the various parts of the world. At this busy time of year, customers are unlikely to email to check and will simply leave your website if they can’t find the information.
  2. Your contact information and ‘where in the world you are’. This ties in with the ‘last posting date’ as customers often like to shop from within their own country or support small rural businesses.
  3. The cost of shipping is important to customers. Customers don’t want to submit an order before they find out the shipping costs are expensive so if you offer free shipping or free shipping over a spend of a certain amount, make this clear.

3 Facebook Tips To Increase E-Commerce Sales

  1. Share your knowledge of different products so customers can see your expertise and trust your opinion when it comes to buying from you. If you share helpful tips in your Facebook updates, customers are likely to repay with loyalty.
  2. Competitions can help to drive traffic to a website or increase awareness of a special offer or particular product. However, do remember that asking people to ‘like and share’ your updates as a means of entering the competition is against the rules. You can, of course, ask people to ‘like’ or ‘like and comment’ on an update. Don’t forget to announce the winner.
  3. Start a discussion around your area of business by asking questions. People like being asked for their opinion and once one person starts the conversation, others are more likely to join in.

3 Tips for Increasing Online Sales with Pinterest

Pinterest is the ideal platform for e-commerce businesses as each pin links to the website page it is pinned from. All customers have to do is click on the pin to reach the website and buy the product. It has been proved that Pinerest users spend more than when using any other platform, that they are actively browsing and shopping and using Pinterest as a search tool to find the products they want.

  1. Ensure some of the product images are portrait in shape. Landscape photos have limited visibility within the column nature of Pinterest.
  2. If you haven’t got it already, get your web designer to install a ‘pin it’ button beside every product. This reminds and encourages your website visitors to pin your products, thereby reminding them to buy in future if only browsing now. Their followers will also see their pins, enabling more visibility. Alternatively, get ‘rich product pins’ for your website. Customers will be able to see the price of the product, if it is sold out and will receive an notification if reduced in price in a sale.
  3. Ensure that your images are named appropriately so that if pinned by visitors, the description is apt and contains keywords. When you pin products, ensure the descriptions are compelling, have a call to action and contain keywords so they can be found easily by potential customers. As you can see in this pin by Etsy, while the important word ‘Christmas’ is missing, the text is compelling and the keywords of ‘tree’ and ‘ornament’ are there. This single pin has had 130 repins and 82 likes so it’s well on the way to being a successful pin in driving traffic and sales.





3 Tips for Increasing Sales with Twitter

  1. Don’t just use Twitter for promotional tweets saying ‘buy my product’ or ‘special offer today on xxx’. You can use promotional tweets occasionally but Twitter is about being sociable so look out for those opportunities for conversations. When asking people to buy your product, try to do it in an amusing or entertaining way. Images work well too. For example, Debenhams are bringing in the words of a famous song into this tweet as well as emphasising the chilly outdoors by wrapping their brochure in the hat, scarf and gloves – and yes, they sell those products too.
  2. Use the Advanced Search to find people asking questions about your products and see if you can answer their queries.
  3. If yours is a large business, use Twitter to answer queries and as a customer service tool. Customers appreciate having a means to contact a business easily and get a response quickly.

3 Ways To Use Instagram To Increase Online Sales

Although Instagram is also image-based, it is very different to Pinterest. The images don’t link to your website (only one link is allowed in the bio) and they don’t tend to be reshared as much either. Instagram is very much ‘in the moment’ too.

  1. People search on Instagram using hashtags so do some research into the appropriate hashtags first. Websta is a useful website and will show the popularity of various hashtags. Include a personalised hashtag such as your own business name or the product name. You can use up to thirty hashtags although using 5-10 is more common. If you would rather not put the hashtags with the caption, place the hashtags within a comment and they will still work.
  2. Ensure the photographs are of good quality and taken in natural lighting if possible. Share photographs of yourself and your staff ‘behind the scenes’ in a relaxed setting or share photographs of your product in a setting common to your target customer. Your Instagram account should emphasise the lifestyle of your target customer be that luxurious, healthy or energetic. The Happy Pear account works to promote its restaurant and its cookery books with a friendly, informal approach sharing photographs of family and friends enjoying their food.
  3. Although a picture tells a thousand words, it still needs a caption. Tell people about the product, emphasising its positive points or the humour.

We wish you a successful Christmas season and hope you find these tips useful. Should you need additional help improving your e-commerce business, do get in touch with us at Aura.