.eu Domain Name Extension – Should I get it?

Every so often an email is issued to owners of domain names. This email is offering the owner of the domain name the opportunity to buy the .eu version of the domain.  It doesn’t appear to be spam, but it appears to be a company trying to drum up sales of .eu domains.

The .eu domain name was released at the end of 2005 – 2006 when it was approved by ICANN and it denotes the territory of the European Union.  In Ireland the most popular domain extensions tend to be .ie and .com depending on where your market is based. Country specific domain names are still very popular in Europe .fr for France, .de for Germany, .co.UK for the United Kingdom. With some country specific domain extensions it is necessary that you have an address in that country for example if you want to secure the .de domain.

Is it useful to have a .eu domain extensions? Some times the .com domain you may want is not available, sometimes .ie is seen as too country specific if you are targeting a wider market. In these cases and where the EU is you market you may consider a .eu extension. Many companies would own multiple domains, so its not uncommon to secure your desired domain name in the .ie, co.uk, .com to prevent brand confusion .eu is another option to consider. Some times companies secure an extension because of the nature of the  business they are in for example skellig.ai  which is the country extension for Anguilla

In recent years ICANN has released a number of additional domain extensions for a complete list see Wikipedia – its along one!

There are alot of company through whom you can secure domains names including Blacknight, Letshost, Irish Domains


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