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Invitation to Cyber Security Breakfast Briefing – 26th of April

The Cybersecurity threat is real and it doesn’t matter if you are a company with 1 person or 100 people, if your business connects to the internet to send emails, process orders, or communicate you are at risk of a cyber-attack. A recent report from Hiscox found that “Almost three quarters (71%) of Irish businesses suffered at least one cyber-attack over the last 12 months – a 22-point increase on the previous year (49%)” Companies and organisations in the North

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Business Reels on Instagram

If you are using social media, then you are likely to have come across Instagram Reels. These are small videos or images that generally have sound and top graphics to bring to life your product or service. 15 second or 30 second Reels are the optimum and unless you are Steven Spielberg do you really want to create a video that is much longer!? The key to Reels, as with most social media is content, is what content do you

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Online Training & Meetings Using Zoom

It seems like it was only a while ago, 2019 to be precise, we were wondering how we could move training online. We wanted to reduce the need for travel which we envisioned would be good for time management and the environment. And given that all our training is based around the internet and technology, online seemed the most logical way of delivering it. Then bang, the pandemic hit and everyone was online! We started offering free “How to use

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Free Zoom Training

We are offering 1 hour free Zoom training on the 3rd of April for anyone who wants to learn more about online video or training or even just want to have an online chat. If you would like to join in. Please email and she will send you on the details.

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Online Meeting Software

If you, like ourselves would prefer not to hold face to face meetings at this point in time, well the good news is there are plenty of online meeting solutions! Online meeting and video conferencing software has been around for a long time. Each solution provides it’s own features – screen sharing, video, voice etc. Some are paid and some have free options or as a minimum free trials. Below are just some online meeting solutions. If you need or

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