Business Reels on Instagram

If you are using social media, then you are likely to have come across Instagram Reels. These are small videos or images that generally have sound and top graphics to bring to life your product or service. 15 second or 30 second Reels are the optimum and unless you are Steven Spielberg do you really want to create a video that is much longer!? The key to Reels, as with most social media is content, is what content do you have or what do you want to create and what message do you want to get across?

Ideally, have all your props lined up.  A good stand for your phone, with tilt and with a light will be the most useful thing you can get. Then decide if you are going to use photographs – do you have them and are they good?  What video are you planning on shooting?  You can edit and use a pre-edited video from your phone for your Reel and then add sound and effects there after.

To create a Reel –

Click on the + and choose Reels from the bottom right menu on your phone

The Reels Menu will appear on the left hand side.You have the option to choose audio, the speed of the reel, add images or record.

Instagram Reels for Business Training

Choose your audio – you can save audio from other reels and this will appear in the Saved folder.

Instagram Reels for Business Training

Click on the audio you would like to use and add it to the Reel.

Record the video or add the video / graphics /photographs you want to use.

Instagram Reels for Business Training

Add in any effects from the menu across the top including stickers, text etc.

When you are ready Share the Reel (or you can save it to drafts) – share it to your feed as its a great way for existing followers to see them.

Instagram Reels for Business Training

Make sure to add in #hashtags and @mention anyone you think it may be relevant to. You can delete Reels off your feed if you want.

Always check the Insights from your Reel – you need to know what reach and impact in terms of action it had.  Click here for the small reel we made for the training session.

If you would like to take part in our 30 min free training sessions book a training place here.

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